Karabiner for Mac Changelog

Karabiner for Mac

Karabiner 10.9.0

What's new in Karabiner 10.9.0

September 7, 2015

Incompatibility changes

  • The fn keypad has been removed from Implicit behavior. Please use either of the following settings instead if you need.
    • "Fn+Number to KeyPad"
    • "Use old style fn keypad"

New functions and improvements

  • The external keyboard handling has been improved.
  • Prepared settings have been updated.
  • Updates for people who add new settings by oneself, the following filters have been added:
    • lastsentevent_not
    • lastsentevent_only

Fixed issues

  • __DropKeyAfterRemap__ does not work properly if the target key is changed by autogen that is defined before __DropKeyAfterRemap__.