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MacBook keyboard remapper (was KeyRemap4MacBook).


Karabiner (was KeyRemap4MacBook) is an awesome utility for keyboard customization on OS X.

  • You can re-map any key without any restriction.
  • You can accelerate speed of the key repeat.


  • Incompatibility changes:
    • The default mouse keys scroll direction has been changed to natural.
    • inputsourcedetail_only and inputsourcedetail_not filters have been merged into inputsource_only and inputsource_not.
      Please use inputsource_only and inputsource_not in your private.xml.
    • Launcher Mode v2 uses own modifier flag in order to improve usability.
      If you extended Launcher Mode v2 by LAUNCHER_MODE_V2_EXTRA, please remove ModifierFlag::NONE from LAUNCHER_MODE_V2_EXTRA.
  • New option has been added into command line interface: toggle, be_careful_to_use__clear_all_values_by_name
  • New option has been added into post-hid-event command line utility: --flag
  • "Status Message > Show caps lock state" option has been added.
  • Multiple displays support has been improved. The status message will be shown in the all screen.
  • Fast User Switching support has been improved.
  • Prepared settings have been updated.
  • Updates for people who add new settings by oneself:
    • __DropAllKeys__ has been added.
    • Option::KEYTOKEY_DELAYED_ACTION has been added.
    • Option::KEYTOKEY_INCREASE_MODIFIER_FLAGS has been added.
    • The following filters have been added.
      • pressingphysicalkeys_greaterthan
      • pressingphysicalkeys_lessthan
    • __HoldingKeyToKey__ has been improved at you pressed modifiers while holding target key down.
    • ModifierFlag pattern matching has been introduced into Option::KEYTOKEY_AFTER_KEYUP.
    • background / support has been added into vkopenurldef tag.
    • high_priority attribute has been introduced into identifier tag.
    • appdef behavior has been improved. It preserves prepared settings when you use appdef in private.xml for bundle identifiers that are in prepared appdef.xml.
    • KeyCode::VK_MOUSEKEY_FIXED_DISTANCE_SCROLL_* have been added.
  • Fixed issues:
    • Some Java apps might be crash when AXNotifier is enabled. (Eclipse, Screencast-O-Matic, RazorSQL, EditRocket)
    • kext loading issue on OS X 10.11 beta 6 has been fixed.

KarabinerTech Specs

File Size
3.8 MB
Operating Systems
Mac OS X
System Requirements
  • OS X 10.9 or later

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